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hey just curious  can i get a list of the other mods that arent included in these files? ty in advance

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Hey Kirillian, i've been experimenting with creating my own cc, I easily created some for hats/hair. But, i've been having significant issues with correctly importing custom costumes, (similar to the Dio and Garfield costumes), they're rigged and weight painted properly, i've set their cut number, etc.
They always end up as distorted, janky hell spawns when I open them up in the game, but they always look fine in blender, and sims4studio.
This one in particular being Hugh Neutron.

I just can't find any good tutorials thoroughly explaining how to make them, along with fixing the issues i've been having, and I was wondering if you could provide some sort of tutorial of how you have been making the costumes for the streams, or what tutorials/information you've learned.
(If needed, i'll send a link to the blend file)
Thanks bud!

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Hey Kirillian, a while ago I made a few mods for the sims 4, all jojo related. These are mainly custom hair styles like giorno, dio w and w/o headband, kira, diavolo and josuke, but also jotaros hat hair and old josephs hat w hair, diavolos eyes and the joestar birthmark. If you're interested, I would be happy to send them for you to take a look and maybe add them to the season.

PS: I uploaded the files onto my page for easy viewing

col! (sorry i speak supra mayro language) 

Hey Krillian, is it fine if I stream this mod or does Joel have exclusive rights to that?

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everyone can stream with these mods, they dont have any exclusive rights lol, lots of people played with em on youtube and i loved their content too. So don't worry about it.

Everyone is allowed to do anything with this, really, as long as they don't try to sell it or reupload it (without linking to this page, because updates still happen every now and then)

All i ask for is to link the mod page in the video description or just give it a shout out, but that's optional, have fun!

ok thanks

Do you have a playlist with all the custom songs?

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Hi, sorry to ask a question that might be answered, but does this include all content up to season 2 episode 1, including the interaction mods?

Edit: Upon closer inspection, it seems it does not include the interactions. Anyone know where i could find a list to fully replicate it?

Heya, the interactions are linked on the mod's description.

As for the S2 content, will happen somewhere in the middle of the season probably.

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Can someone tell me the mod that spawned demons into vinesauce joels game please?


That actually happened because of some mod conflicts. I am not sure how to reproduce that, because in S2 it no longer happens.

I suggest you just try to install all the sacrifical mods and enable life's drama and all other fluff these mods offer. Might work but i am not sure. 

Thank you for the quick response.I will makes sure to try that out.

i dont understand what the pooop package is or where to find it in my game. Does that package require a sims 4 pack that i may not have?

The things that require DLC are in the DLC folder.

Everything else is compatible with Vanilla version of the game. As long as you have up to date version.

When I try to add another character to the CAS (Humanoid), the game crashes.Help

Hi, the mod doesn't modify any existing cas features, only adds costumes and objects, it should not cause crashes and it works on my machine on the latest version of the sims.

Perhaps some other mod causes it? Or you are using older version of the Sims 4?

But this is the only mod in the folder, and the game version is

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That is a very old version (Like from 2 years ago. bruh.).

Update the game and the mod will work.

What version does it work on?

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Any version after the robot costumes were added into the base game. So some version after the University update.

You shouldn't have any problems updating the game from origin

Hey I wanted to get in touch with you about troubleshooting Sims 4 mod creation. You are very experienced and the mod I am doing is extremely similar to the dio full body suit. Add me on discord: Citrus#1665

I need help finding the file for the change the world screens into weird craziness and I wanna delete those files because my aunt hates the pentagram because shes really catholic and also I need help finding the file for the red eyes because its annoying to change sims back

Read the comments. The answers are there.

hey, how did you make the jojo cc? i know you used the all star battle/eyes of heaven models, but i tried to put the mesh on blender and its pretty hard to fit it in a sim mesh (i was trying to make a GER costume for one of my jojo houses)


ayo Kirilian, are the custom songs (not the sims 1 music, the meme music used for the radios) you used present in the overall .zip file? if so which ones are they specifically? thanks man

This is for wiki reasons btw, unless big coincidato

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the music pack was lost during ransition to a new pc. i currently only have whatever there is left for s2.


actually i have an idea. hang on.

hey Kirilian, love Your mod!

I'm really living it here on the chaos of my first playthrough of this mod, and I have a question

Where I can get the Traits mods (or modpack) that Joel used on Part 7 and 8?

I really want those juicy IBS lol

Traits are from modthesims, browse around there for a bit, i am sure you'll find them!

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Can you tell me the name of the file in the CAS folder that gives Sims red eyes?

I want to remove that since it kinda bothers me a little with the randomly generated sims.

mrk.package in cas folder

I have a question, can you explain what the UI does?

Also how do I remove the CAS background so I can put another one and how do I put the normal intro back?

UI is basically the memes in the background, including cas pictures. so if you remove that folder, you'll have none of the background/cas picture replacements.

so hey can you make a new "memes 4 logo" in the rebranded style like i suggested if not let me know and ill do the work myself 

I am not stopping anyone from making their own versions of the logo, feel free to make it if you want!

(The only reason i am not updating it right now, is because there were changes for Season 2 which are still not live. I have no idea where Season 2 starts either, so. Just waiting until that happens.)

season 2?

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hey can someone make the memes 4 logo with the new rebrand like this? i think it would match well


Can I have the download for the radio memes, the radio memes are magical and i must acquire them

I'm having a problem with pure black pets, is it done by some mod or something? 

This mod doesn't affect pets at all. It's probably some other mod causing this for you.


how did you do the radio stuff?

Hey Kerillian! Can you link us to the place that you got your various extra Traits from?


It's pronounced Kirillian, and those are on modthesims, there's a lot of them i packed for joel so i can't list them all, sorry.

Hey kerillian we have discord server dedicated to the sims 4 meme house, do you wanna join we already have the guys from the wiki and we would like to have you in

Here's the invite

I'll pass. I don't like group chats much. sorry.

When Season 2 Occurs Death By Glamour "Giorno's Theme Remix" should be on one of the stations next owO

Death By Glamour (Giorno Theme Mashup Remix)

do you plan adding coomer in?

hi, that's a really great mod!
also i have a question: are you going to add Ghostbusters suits? :0



do you know anyone else that could do requests? I'll just ask a different person for like maybe a Kirby costume or like a Kirby head like Kirby meme, just wanted to ask if you know someone else that will do requests.

Ey yo, Joel had some new traits I noticed while he created Doom Guy, I.e. Youtuber and such , I was wondering if anyone here has a link to that? Thx


You could find these on mod the sims, there's a lot of them so i doubt i could list them all right now, definitely will try to make a shoutout list later on though

When are you going to add Vibe

Right now

thank you

I downloaded the mods right, the clothes and stuff work fine but

I dont get the custom interaction things like the drugs and the killing stuff,
also the custom songs dont work, I put in everything correctly, does the modpack not include these mods and you have to get them yourself? or am I just retarded?

they are other mods that you need to download from creators that made them

Yo the pack is amazing, but how do ya remove the cancerous layout for the towns?

remove the UI packages while keeping the others intact

when's the new set with the vibe check head coming out?

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where is the fixed mod of skeletor? you think you can link me it?


almost all of the new mod store items aren't showing up for me. I don't have my mods in sub folders, but the only modded thing that is showing up in the store is the Todd Howard wallpaper. I just downloaded the game, so sorry if i made some mistake.

Please show me your mod folder as a screenshot

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Here's the whole thing

Hm, interesting. A couple more questions.

1) Can you also show me ingame screenshot?

2) Which extractor did you use to extract the files? Usually 7zip messes up the unpacking and might corrupt .package files.

3) Did you delete C:\Users\thatd\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\localthumbcache.package file? Could be old cache that causes the problems, try deleting that and restarting after you reinstalled the mod

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Note: BLACK, bonzibod and vivecbod all are corrupt files, i'll take them out of the picture for this instance

1) In the first screenshot, the only custom items i have are the ones from the drug mod, there is nothing from the meme house mod

In the second screenshot, i typed "(kmod)" like Joel did, and i only found the Todd Howard wallpaper

2) i used winrar

3) i deleted the cache, and reinstalled my mod, but after i restarted the computer, the cache was back in the file for some reason. I deleted it again before restarting, but it still didn't show the mod items

That's really strange. I actually have no idea as to why it happens.

Cache is supposed to comeback though, that is normal.  Just deleting it once helps to regenerate some images and re-cache the new files.

I suggest you wait until the next update once it comes out, it should happen after the next stream of meme house, maybe the new repackaged version will work better for you.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I just legit have no idea as to why wont it work

hey, could you send me link to Leon so I can get his fixed skeletor model?

Heya there, Kirilian! I just wanted to pop in over and say, this mod you've created is absolutely fantastic! Thank you so so much for creating it and sharing it with all of us! 

Also, I know you don't accept requests, but this is from already premade content so, maaaybe it doesn't count? 

I found a great Wesker clothing mod, a Jill Valentine clothing moda really tight Nintendo Switch mod, a Uno Card Mod  You could use in your latest mod release, and don't forget to link them in the shoutouts section as well

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I am not going to upload other people's content.

This whole package doesn't contain anything that isn't made by me, so if people want those they can download them from your links, shoutouts is a section for a reason, just to give the great creators the attention they deserve from the mods that were also shown off on the stream, not because anything from them is included in this package.

Sorry in advance if it sounds rude, i don't mean it this way(although i know english it's still not my main language so the way i say things might come off as a bit rough), just that i don't want to upload other people's content.

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Yeah, that I understand, of course, I expected that kind of response, but you could include them  just for Joel's stream, (like you did with the Extreme Violence, the Fortnite dancing mods, etc...)  and not the official release , I feel that would be the best solution.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Most of the CAS parts are invisible, and taking off the shoes and accessories doesn't seem to fix it...

Hey, could you please give me a screenshot? and which version did you download?

Oh, it's gone now. All I had to do was get the latest DLC. I'm never touching Origin again.

Also, which Archive Extracting tool did you use? 7zip or winrar?

I unironically reccomend using WinRar over 7z for unpacking sims mods, for some reason unpacking and packing them with 7z can cause corruption.

i know you don't like distributing the stuff that you didn't make yourself, but the radio music is an integral part of the Meme House experience -- could you maybe make a playlist with the songs & a list of what stations they go on, or something like that? 

at any rate, thank you for your service


I could probably upload them outside of this page somewhere, so this way if it's taken down by anyone this mod page will stay up. I'll try to do that over the weekend if my job won't be killing me.

Just a tiny question, I adore the mod though would rather keep the map clean as the whole meme image background kind of hurts my eyes

Which .package file should I remove to get rid of this?

Aside from that I think this mod is 10/10 splendid!

Sorry for the delayed responce

It should be UIReplacers.package and moretowns.package

and themaymays.package for the main menu logo replacement

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